NYC 101


NYC is one of my areas of expertise! Traveled consistently as a couple as well as with a family of 7, I know ALL of the ins and outs! NYC is a GREAT vacation for families of all ages! There is something for everyone!

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New York City is composed of five boroughs. While Manhattan and Staten Island are islands, Brooklyn and Queens are geographically part of Long Island, and the Bronx is attached to the US mainland. The islands are linked by bridges, tunnels and ferries. Check here for helpful NYC maps and guides.

Manhattan is roughly 13.4 miles long and about 2.3 miles wide at its widest. Except at its northern and southern tips, the borough’s avenues run roughly north and south, and streets run east and west. One-way thoroughfares are common, with traffic moving east on even-numbered streets and west on odd-numbered streets. Fifth Avenue divides the island into east and west sides (for example, locations on 57th Street west of Fifth Avenue are designated “W. 57th St.,” and east of Fifth Avenue, they’re “E. 57th St.”). As you move farther east or west from Fifth Avenue, street addresses increase, usually in increments of 100 from one block to the next. For north-south avenues, 20 blocks equals a mile, and the street numbers increase as you go uptown. Blocks can be a useful measure of distance, but keep in mind your direction: walking uptown from 1st Street to 6th Street is about a quarter of a mile, but walking the same number of blocks crosstown, from First Avenue to Sixth Avenue, is approximately a mile.



New York is America’s safest large city, but visitors should still use common sense to protect themselves and their property. Be aware of your surroundings, and make sure to always use licensed, reputable businesses for any services you need. For example, don’t hail livery cabs (as opposed to taxis) at the airport, and don’t rent bikes from companies that seem suspicious. If you’re not sure where to find legitimate businesses, the listings at are a good place to start, as are those published by the Better Business Bureau. Your hotel concierge should be able to answer questions on this topic, and will be helpful if you need more information about neighborhoods in the five boroughs. Another useful resource is 311, the City’s official information hotline. For more information about safety, read our tips for visitors.


Things To Do

Breathtaking views from Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building and One World Observatory. Exhibits from throughout history at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and New York Hall of Science. Thrilling performances at Lincoln Center, BAM and Barclays Center. Attractions in NYC suit all tastes.

Attractions and Landmarks in New York City

Can’t decide how to spend your time in New York City? Start with this list of New York City’s most popular attractions. Make the most of your New York City travel budget with by including some of these free New York City attractions and landmarks on your agenda. Want even more free ideas? Check out Mark’s advice on New York City Sights on a Budget. He’s even got some more great ideas about free things to do in New York City.

New York City Museums

New York City is home to many of the world’s best museums. Can’t decide which New York museum to visit? Use this list of popular New York museums to help narrow thechoices. If you want to visit museums and save,check out this listing of free and “pay what you wish” days and nights at many popular New York City museums.



New York City Hotels

New York City offers a wide range of accommodations to fit every taste: marquee hotels that reflect NYC’s bright lights, boutique hotels tucked away on charming side streets, family-friendly stays close to parks and greenery. Whether you’re looking to visit nearby attractions, explore NYC history or be in the center of it all, these hotels will make New York City your home away from home.

Hotels With Special Amenities and Perks
Some people choose their hotel because they’re looking for a particular view or feature. If you want to stay in a hotel room with a view of Central Park, you’ll find yourself with many luxury options. When money is no object, these New York City luxury hotels are the perfect way to indulge. With great service and indulgent amenities, these hotels will pamper you. New York City is home to great hotels and great spas, but these New York City hotels offer visitors the ultimate indulgence — on site spa services. Check out these New York City Hotels with Free Wifi Access if you can’t bear the thought of being unplugged during your vacation.

Budget Friendly Hotels
Sometimes a hotel is just a place to lay your head — these cheap hotels in New York City won’t break your budget, and they will let you enjoy your visit with some funds left over for meals and souvenirs.


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