travis-gergen-193909-unsplashAre you ready for some HOT (literally) Disney Tips?

Today, as promised, let’s chat about how to beat the summer Disney heat!



Disney in the summer is not for the weary! You have to come prepared and ready to literally be soaking wet with your own sweat and maybe someone else’s! YUCK! But we have some no-brainer tips for you to make the most of the hot lava heat!

-Get up early and hit the parks before they open! No sleeping in during the summer months if you want to beat the heat and the crowds! The sooner you go, the cooler it will be. PLUS you will avoid those summertime Florida storms in the afternoon!

-Drink plenty of water! All day long!

-Avoid alcoholic drinks if they make you even warmer. Stick with water!

-Wear light and loose clothing! Jeans or tight leggings are not the right choices if you want to stay alive in the summer!

-Put your sunscreen on before you leave your hotel. Nothing is worse than putting lotion on while you are already wet with sweat. Bad move, this will only make you worse! Apply sunscreen in the cool hotel room before your body temperature is on overheat!

-Ladies, pull your hair up! Even if you have shorter hair, pin it up and back! Leaving your hair down and trying to look cute with it styled is a waste of time! It will be soaking wet after 10 minutes outside!

-If you know you will be a heavy sweater…….skip the Mickey ears. Leave the Mickey ears at the hotel, the more you have on your head, the hotter it will be! Same goes for hats too. Although they block your face from the sun, they will keep your head warmer too!

-Wear comfy shoes. How does this cool you down? The more comfortable you are, the less miserable in general you will be. So dress comfortably in order to ward off heat frustration.

-Don’t over do it! Less is more in the summer. Plan accordingly and take breaks often!

-Try to create agendas for the early mornings and later evening park hours. Avoid 1-4pm if possible, take a pool break or a nap even!

-Be park prepared! Know your maps, know your park/parade hours, fast pass times, shortcuts, etc…..Spend less time standing or walking to places you didn’t really want or need to go to anyhow. The less you neander in the heat, the better!

-Stop at bathrooms as you pass them, NOT when it is an emergency now and you have to scramble to now walk far to the nearest one.

-Cut through shops when possible to cool off.

-Be patient. Hot Disney summers are TOUGH! Stay positive and try to be patient as your day goes on.

**Lastly…….shower and wear LOTS of deodorant please! LOL











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